Edward Griffiths


Dynamic Images

This domain contains a number of projects using prodominantly PHP for funcionality and CSS3 for aesthetics. Several projects involve using PHP to scrape data from other web pages and then use PHPGD to dynamicaly create images with up to date information. The general purpose of these images is to show real time statistics of online games to be used in internet forums as a post signature. The larger images are customisable to some extent by users. These details are stored in an SQL database which is accessed through an HTML form/PHP front-end interface.

Some examples are shown here.

FFXI Auction House History

The FFXI Auction House History script periodically logs the prices of items for sale on the game's AH website. The prices are logged into an SQL database and displayed as a png image using PHPGD. Only a handful of the most interesting items are tracked and are pulled out individually.

Steam Trading Card History

It's cool

Cog generator

A personal project for a friend designed to calculate and draw cogs for gearing mechanisms in clocks.

Fun with CSS3

Here are some example of the CSS on this site: