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Top Characters
Asura_Czephiroth 8,401
Shiva_Mlrlohki 5,776
Phoenix_Dhragon 5,449
Odin_Serielley 5,363
Lakshmi_Nazna 3,197
Phoenix_Archeim 1,970
Phoenix_Dinah 1,934
Asura_Annelisse 1,785
Bahamut_Patrician 1,764
Ragnarok_Zermit 1,605

Top Servers
Phoenix 16,456
Asura 11,040
Shiva 5,858
Odin 5,506
Lakshmi 5,027
Bahamut 2,460
Quetzacotl 2,009
Ragnarok 1,677
Sylph 1,301

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Since 10 May 2012
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Most Popular Background
chat1 152
stars 17
crescent 11
chat4 10
brushed_black 6
nebula 6
chat2 5
dusk 4
aliasing 2